Thursday 7 February 2002

move along, nothing to see here

I came in this morning to find a horrific accident scene on top of my monitor (the picture on the left sets the "before" scene for you). Apparently Mr. Potato Head (happy pudgy bloke to the left of Cartman) had been run over by the vibrating Ireland bus that Jane got me (green thing to the left of marzipan Po). Either one of my workmates got really bored after I left, or the cleaners have a really weird sense of humour. I'm hoping for the latter 'cos it's funnier.

While this was pretty amusing, I think the best arrangement of monitor toys happened shortly after I started working at Discreet a few years ago. I came in one morning to discover Mr. Potato Head and Bill (as in "I'm just a Bill" from Schoolhouse Rock) in a 69. Poor Mr. Potato Head. He's been through so much.

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