Monday 4 February 2002

europeans are weird

So I'm in the kitchen this morning making my tea, and I've got my plate with slices of cheese and bread. A French woman I work with walks by and gives me a puzzled look saying, "Cheese for breakfast?" like I've got a big platter of lasagne sitting there or something. I say to her, "Erm, Europeans eat cheese for breakfast too. I've been served cheese and croissants in Amsterdam and Paris in the morning." "Ohhh yes, with croissants" she agrees, but with the implication that cheese with anything else is just plain odd. Riiiiiiight.

To be fair, I do have my weird moments. Take last night, for example. I was rummaging through my bag in a frenzy as I realised that my mobile phone had gone astray. Where could I have left it? When was the last time I saw it? Is someone making hours of calls to Istanbul with my poor little phone on MY bill? Are they looking up all my contact numbers and sending my friends abusive text messages? I decided to ring my mobile with the insane notion that whoever picked it up off the street would answer and say, "Hello, stolen phone, may I help you?" I rang the number and heard a faint ring - coming from my boots. My phone had fallen out of my bag when I hung it on the coat hook and hidden itself deep within one of my knee-high boots.

I really shouldn't be allowed out into the streets without protective gear of some sort.

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