Wednesday 13 February 2002

fat n' full o' pancakes

Dat's me! Had a smashing time last night with the gang eating way too much and drinking lots of wine. Pancakes and wine - now THAT'S feckin classy. I got some hilarious pictures but the sucky thing about being the camera owner is that you're never in the piccies yourself. Still, a good time was had by all.

Did you know that British people don't put their names on Valentine's cards? Apparently, you're supposed to write little poems on them and send the cards anonymously. Weird, eh?

So I thought coming up with a clever domain name was going to be tricky, but now I might have to come up with a company name. Gah. If I get this contract (IF - big IF), I'll need to form my very own limited company. Who'd like to be my secretary? You can wear little mini skirts and sit on my desk if you want. Puuuuuurrrrrrrrr.

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