Wednesday 6 February 2002

she's a maniac, maaaaniac

Went to my first dance class tonight and it was fabulous! Really, really enjoyed myself. As Tony F. can attest to, I took dance for a few years when I was a teenager (about a bazillion years ago, to be precise). I gave it up when I started university and I've missed it. I can't say that I was the most co-ordinated person in the room tonight, but it felt good to be back in it again. Down side: I was the oldest person there by at least 10 years (they're mostly Cambridge uni students). Plus side: I wasn't the fattest one there. Hurrah!

We're off to Anatolia tomorrow for lunch as part of our release celebration. Of course, it's only sort of exciting as we still have to pay for ourselves. The big bonus is the fact that we can take a 2 hour lunch. Youppie. It's a great restaurant, though. Turkish food (mostly kebabs/brochettes of grilled things, rice, hummous, salads, etc.) and mounds of it. This is the place that launched Micky's notorious belly dancing tendencies. Micky is a bloke, by the way. A bloke with a big belly. You take it from there.

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