Saturday 23 February 2002

okay, i want this too

I always check the property listings just to see what's out there and if anything strikes me. Of course, I'm in no position to buy anything because a) I can't afford it and b) I have no credit history in this country and cannot get a mortgage. So, I've been looking at rentals and haven't really come across a flat that interests me. I like my flat - heck, I even posted pictures of it. I just need more space than this little 3-roomed flat can offer. I came across this cottage today, and I'm smitten. It's nothing spectacular but there's just something about it that I really fancy. Maybe I've fallen prey to that "quaint English cottage" mentality, or maybe it's the fact that I haven't seen wood floors for almost a year and a half, I honestly don't know. I'm just simply drawn to it.

Knowing how insane the property situation is around here, it's probably already gone. The Brits amongst you are most likely staring at the screen in disbelief going, "Oh my god, the rent is HOW MUCH?". Yeah, that's Cambridgeshire for you - London prices even though we're 50 miles away. What's scary is the fact that because this includes the council tax, this cottage is almost the same as what I'm paying right now for 3 rooms - and I use the term "3 rooms" loosely as the 3rd. room is a microscopic kitchen. It would be more of a commute into town, but I'd be willing to do it for the right place.

I bet the oven works. I haven't baked anything in over a year. Mmmmm.

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