Wednesday 27 February 2002

i'm sure you're all dying to know

The cottage saga continues. I've sent in an application form and if my credit is approved and they don't give the place away to someone else, I can take the cottage. We actually went out to see the house across the street (we noticed the "To Let" sign yesterday) via another property agent. This bloke was the antithesis to the guy yesterday - polite, helpful, friendly, and early. While that house had lovely features (a bigger garden and a nice "conservatory" type space just by the door to the garden), it was in need of recarpeting, repainting, and it didn't come with anything other than the stove. I'd have to buy all my furniture and fridge, and council tax was not included in the rent. I thought it would be lovely if this guy could be the agent for the cottage across the road, but as everyone kept saying to me today, it's the place and not the agent that matters.

It's very odd to go through property agents (or as we say back home, real estate agents) for rentals. The other bugger is that they charge you all sorts of fees - £40 just to check my credit, £70 "legal fees" to set up the lease, and the £1,000 deposit. Gah. Montrealers, keep counting your lucky stars because deposits are illegal and you don't have to go through agents! Well...we'll see what happens when I hear back about my credit check in a couple of weeks.

In other news, I'm taking the scooter out for a test spin on Saturday. WOOO! Of course, I can't actually drive in on public roads until I get my UK licence in the post in a couple of weeks. Please, hold your applause.

Well, what a busy week this has been and so much stuff that is about to happen. Chaotic - just how I like it.

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