Sunday 17 February 2002

trains, trains, and automobiles

God, I love rail travel in this country. It's so exciting! You never know if your train is going to show up on time, if it'll derail, if something's going to flood, what kind of weirdo is going to sit next to you for 3 hours, and woooo all sorts of things! All for the low low price of £72!


I did, however, have a lovely weekend up in Newcastle. We saw Ocean's 11 (great film if you don't want to do a whole lot of thinking - it's good fun, really), did a bit of shopping, had a bite to eat at the fabulous place in the Tyneside Cinema, went for a swim, ate at our beloved Indian restaurant, watched Last of the Mohicans on DVD (only took me 10 years to see it), on Sunday we wandered around a couple of markets, went for a wee drive, then returned to the train station so I could travel back down to Cambridge. Knackered, I am.

Back to life; back to reality.

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