Friday 8 February 2002

random points from an achey girl

Is it normal to still be in incredible amounts of pain after my dance class TWO DAYS AGO? I'm old. Wah. I used to be so young and bendy.

Why does Jack have rigatoni noodles in his earlobes? Ffftt bamboo, my arse. Actually, Jack's earlobes have inspired me to find a bamboo plant for my little flat.

I call one of the developers I work with "Yoda" because that's what the "Which Star Wars Character Are You?" quiz determined he was. We exchanged a pile of emails today that just degenerated into all kinds of silliness. It started with me writing:

Could I get your help in removing an enormous spaceship from a swamp? Except replace "spaceship" with "stick" and "swamp" with "Merv's arse" for a more accurate description of my dilemma.

Merv being my pointy-haired manager, of course. This just started a whole thread about sticks and the evilness of Twiglets. Yep, it's Friday.

I need more gay friends. I only have three in the UK: one is a workmate I never see outside of work, another I haven't seen in a year and lives in Manchester, and the third bloke is in London but I haven't heard from him in ages. I must surround myself with gay men as is my longstanding tradition. Obviously, my fag hagness doesn't seem to translate overseas. I simply must hang out in Soho more often.

What are you doing for Valentine's Day? More importantly, what are you getting me for Valentine's Day? Hmmmm?

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