Monday 2 June 2003

so the jet lag ends...when?

Oh how we long for a normal night's sleep. It's always worse coming back to the UK, and this time is even harder - I'm used to adjusting to a 5 hour time difference, so the extra 3 hours is doing me head in. Pleh.

I've finally sorted through all the holiday pictures, cropped, and resized them. The trip diary is going to take a while, so apologies in advance for the delay. Some sections will be easier to write than others (e.g. "Got mild food poisoning today. Spent the day trying not to throw up in the rental car and slept a lot."), but the high calibre of writing I intend to produce for these pages will take time. Nothing but the best for my web site, yes sir. Just as a teaser, here are a couple of pics:

Here's a shot of all the fine Californian liquor we brought back with us, minus the duty free stuff. From left to right: Madeira from Sattui, a gorgeous white port from Prager, two wines from Francis Ford Coppola's vineyard, sparking wine from Mumm, a very pricey bottle of special brandy from RMS (who have gone belly up), and a bottle of port from Rutherford Hill.

The "canals and gondolas" that run through the Venetian casino in Vegas.

The sun setting over San Simeon.

The Big Sur.

Seal lovin' at Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco.

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