Friday 27 June 2003

oh yes, it's all coming back to me now

We hadn't seen our new house since February and it was all becoming a bit of a blur. We made arrangements with the current owner to visit the house today to take measurements for furniture and kitchen stuff. Very luckily, we didn't notice anything horrible we hadn't spotted before - we had the fear that we'd built the house up so much in our minds over the past few months, that it would seem hugely disappointing when we saw it again in person. In fact, many things we thought were incredibly hideous (e.g. the lounge carpet and brick fireplace) were actually not that bad. The decoration was still a bit awful (and we did notice for the first time that there's swirly Artex on one wall in each bedroom) but the house itself was still fabulous. We hadn't seen the garden in bloom; it was fairly bare in February but now it looks secluded and pretty. We learned that the neighbours on one side of us are retired and dog lovers. We were hoping that we'd find someone in the neighbourhood who could peek in on the dog every now and then, and it seems like we've got someone who fits the bill. We've got a reporter for the Cambridge Evening News behind us, so we can keep up to date on all the Cambridgeon gossip. All the little things I'd hoped were at the house were there, like an outdoor tap, a doorbell, and outdoor lights (we forgot to check for these before). The front garden was lovely, full of mature shrubs, lavender, and a pretty birch tree. The house will need quite a lot of work, but it still had such a good feeling about it. We're so excited (again) and it's going to be amazing to have a house to call our own. Well technically, it's a house to call the Nationwide's, but you know what I mean.

A guy I work with stopped by with his missus and their little newborn. When I say little, I do mean little - the wee chap only weighs 5 lbs. (he was 6 weeks premature). I held him gingerly, slightly nervous about breaking this tiny person in my arms. He settled into place and soon fell asleep in the crook of my arm, while I talked to his Mum about the joys of being a new parent. She said that along with everyone else she knows who are new parents, you have no clue what you're doing, you get used to the lack of sleep, and she knows two people who dropped their babies at some point (and they all turned out fine). Her husband said that having a dog prepared them for being parents, and although we all laughed, there was some truth in that. You learn how to think about someone else before you do a lot of things like travel, go out for the night, or buy breakables. I suppose the training experience comes in handy, although you probably shouldn't smack your kid's nose with a rolled up newspaper when it does something bad. I very recluctantly gave the baby to another broody workmate who later reluctantly gave him back to his Mum. And I get to do this all again next week when we visit Micky and Susan. Poor Paul.

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