Thursday 12 June 2003

*blink blink*

You know it's time to take a break when your eyes are so dry that your contacts stick to your eyelids when you finally blink. Ewwwwwwwww.

I made a chocolate cheesecake last night, but I'm doubtful about how good it'll taste. You see, I've never tried making it here in the lovely UK, and I had to improvise with a couple of the ingredients. For example, we don't have Baker's Chocolate Squares here, so I had to estimate the equivalent of 8 squares using a big bar of 70% chocolate. We don't have Oreo cookie crumbs here, so I used Maryland double chocolate cookies instead (thanks to a suggestion from Nigella's cookbook). So in short, Chiara, I'm really sorry if my cheesecake tastes like crap tonight. I'm certain that the dinner we're putting together will be lovely, though. Grilled chicken stuffed with roasted aubergine/eggplant pesto, with couscous and veggies. A nice glass of wine and some olives to nibble on to start, and it should all go swimmingly.

In work-related news: we are having a company BBQ/picnic/games/let's force our two offices to get together and have fun day. I am on two teams - tug of war (I am team captain and we're called "We've All Pulled Lisa"*), and softball (made up of tech authors and translators, and we're called "The Cunning Linguists").

*"Pull": Verb. 1. To seduce a desirable person. As in: "Get yer coat luv, you've pulled."

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