Monday 9 June 2003

but does it do windows?

So we went to look at sofas this weekend. We wandered around row after row of sofas that looked like they had been over inflated or had some sort of severe allergic reaction. We didn't want a big squishy couch that looked like you'd sink into it, never to be seen again. We finally found one that we liked and spent a few seconds sitting on it. A salewoman came over asking us if we wanted to see other fabric swatches and samples of alternative bases. She ran off and returned with a large book of fabric samples and brochures about various cover plans we could get. Paul mentioned that we weren't too keen on the back of the sofa (it looked like a row of gigantic bed pillows) and said that we'd prefer a solid or more angular back cushion. This sent the saleswoman on a mad dash to the phone as she rang the manufacturer to see if they could custom make another back for us. She told us that she couldn't get hold of anyone, but would call us back on Monday and let us know. As we were leaving, she took the bottom cushions off and proceeded to bounce up and down on the base saying, "Look how strong it is!"

God, I love people on commission.

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