Thursday 19 June 2003

it's not a euphemism

We are having a company summer shindig tomorrow at our other office in Chalfont. We got a list of activities from HR today, including something called Slap the Rat. After giggling to myself for a few minutes, I asked a few mates what this could possibly entail. I think Tim said it best:

"Slap the rat - a fine English game, in fact a game that's just reaching a new found popularity with the news that one of the country's leading exponents, Maurice Loosebowels, has just agreed a four year contract with Spanish giants Real Mousedread (though they play a slightly different variant using, I belief, a smaller rodent). The objective is (as you must've gleaned, perchance, by now) to take firm hold of a large, heavy weapon, wait for someone to insert a small furry object into a pipe or other cylindrical chamber with a small uncovered opening at the far end, release said furry object (which will travel along the chamber ably assisted by the earth's gravitational pull) until it emerges into the uncovered opening, blinking and bedazzled, bathed in the brilliant summer sunshine. At this point it is your responsibility to use the aforementioned weapon to deliver a lusty blow to its small form as it flits into view. It's a game of skill and chance for all the family, make no mistake. Are you sure they don't play it in Canada?"

And this came from the guy who used to be my editor. A few others explained it to me in the kitchen, and it seems that it consists of something being dropped down a tube, then being whacked by a bat of some sort as it drops out. Here I was, expecting stuff like potato sack races. Silly me. As Chris G. said, it'll be fun after 11 Pimms. The day also includes a BBQ, wine, a "real ale" beer tent, a jazz band (run away! run away!), and of course the big tug of war and softball games. I think it'll all be good fun, actually. Plus, I get to drink 'cos Paul's driving us both ways. Woowoowooo!

We're off to see my aunt and uncle in the gorgeous Lake District this weekend. What's the weather forecast? Pouring rain Saturday and Sunday. Hurrah. Still, it should be good - it's one of my favourite parts of the country and there's no Foot and Mouth to hinder our walks this time. Pics will be posted after Monday. Oh yeah, and I've still got to write that California trip diary. Foo.

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