Wednesday 11 June 2003

i am so easily amused

I will never tire of reading my search referrer logs. I love the search strings that lead to this web site, and they never cease to make me giggle. This month's gems:

  • periodically feeling insane (yes, I know the feeling)

  • pictures of britney spears baked (either that's a typo for "naked", or people are getting weirder by the minute)

  • the crappiest gas scooter (this is the sort of thing you need to know before you purchase one yourself - make sure you get the crappiest one around)

  • beige paint not too pink not too yellow (um. yes.)

  • fuzzy boobies (like fuzzy logic, but lower)

  • branston sexual fetish (what, as in Branston pickle? That's just mad.)

  • on spiderman- gamecube what is the code to open the door in the (just play the game and figure it out for yourself, you cheater!)

  • shatner sexy (yer kiddin', right?)

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