Tuesday 17 June 2003

left my crankypants at home today

Gosh, I was in *such* a mood yesterday. Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that I've just started back on the healthy eating/exercise routine on Sunday? And I'm a bit sugar/chocolate/fat deprived? Of course, none of this compares to how grumpy I was when I quit smoking. Not a pretty sight. Left a trail of dead bodies somewhere, I seem to remember.

So, here's some good news: we have an exchange/moving date. Hurrah! We will be moving July 7, so clear your calendars for the housewarming party in August (we have to decorate a bit first - the carpet and ceiling will make you hurl, trust me). Still debating about whether or not I should have a "farewell to my cottage in Willingham" party. I do have the place until September, so you all can go there and have a big party for the next three months if you wanted to. Just clean up afterwards, ta.

In only 4 1/2 months, you too can own a house in England! Bah. Bring me a puppy!

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