Friday 11 February 2005

that'll be a fun way to spend a sunday

We went back to the hospital today for more tests and although my blood pressure remained steady, I still have a bit of protein in my urine. Luckily, this didn't warrant another overnight stay but sadly, this does mean I've got to pee into a jug again for 24 hours starting Sunday morning. They took some blood from me as well, and we have to go back to the day assessment unit on Monday. The lovely doctor lady from last week treated me again today (but is going back to Spain next week boooooo), and said that they were just being cautious and wanted to keep an eye on me because of the protein. I've had no other symptoms of pre-eclampsia, so I think I'll be fine. Besides, I don't feel like Pip is quite ready to be born yet and I would hate to force an eviction on him.

My top tip for ladies in the last trimester (or any stage when backache becomes much worse) is to invest in a hot water bottle. My favourite nighttime ritual is climbing into bed with my fleecy hot water bottle, propping myself up on a bazillion pillows, and curling up with a good book. Once the hot water bottle is snug against whatever part of my back hurts the most, it's bliss. I also got a wooden back massager for my maternity bag so that Paul's hands won't go numb after hours of kneading my back during labour. We tried one out during our antenatal classes, and I think it'll be much easier on his hands. I also recommend getting a birthing ball (which is really just a fancy name for an exercise ball - get your 65 cm Reebok ball at Argos for £6.99!) because it is super duper comfy for sitting on while watching TV and should come in handy during labour as well. My last tip is to consume huge amounts of Green and Black's ice cream to combat heartburn. Works for me, and I'm sure all the extra calcium is good for the baby. *cough*

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