Wednesday 9 February 2005

a much better wednesday

Just got back from the midwife and although I still have a trace of protein in my urine, my blood pressure wasn't too high. Also, the relation of Pip's head to brim is now 3/5, which means he's started moving down into my pelvis. Last week he was still free floating around in there, and I was sure it was the same deal this week - he is still very wriggly and rotates from side to side, but apparently babies can do that even after they start to move down into the pelvis. All the stuff you learn, I tell you. I think that all this stuff I read about "lightening" and what a difference you feel once the baby drops is a bit of old bollocks, though. I feel no different than last week, but maybe this doesn't happen until the baby is fully engaged.

So, this is a much better Wednesday than last week and this time, I will attend a yoga class instead of crying into my hospital pillow. I'll still watch "Desperate Housewives", though. That's a must.

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