Tuesday 15 February 2005

oil me up and rub me down

Just got back from a gloriously relaxing one hour aromatherapy massage, and I feel like a million bucks. Of course, I'm finding it a bit difficult to type with hands covered in almond oil but at least I smell real purdy like. She concentrated mostly on my back, then rubbed my legs, feet, arms, hands, and gave me the most wonderful head, neck, and face massage. She made up some oil for me to use during labour and provided lots of advice (she trained to be a midwife 25 years ago). I had the massage done at the same complementary health centre I go to for my osteopath, who was there today and wished me well along with the nice receptionist who has gotten to know me over the past year. I cannot wait to go back again for another massage after the baby comes - or before, if this goes on for another three weeks and I get stressed out again.

Ready to slip into a coma now. Mmmmmmmmm.

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