Monday 28 February 2005

ain't too proud to participate in a meme

Spotted on Big Jack's Blog, here's a list of ten things I've done that I suspect you haven't:

1. Spilled a hot plate of fries/chips on a blind man. (I am the world's worst waitress.)
2. Dropped an entire tray full of ketchup bottles. (See above.)
3. Met one of the dogs who played the Littlest Hobo at a mall in Brantford, Ontario in 1977. Honest, my Mom's got a picture to prove it.
4. Met one of the members of Platinum Blonde. My dippy roommate brought him over to our dorm room at 3am; I thought I was hallucinating as I had been up all night finishing an essay on Salvador Dali.
5. Fetched and sold the book "Black Robe" to Lothaire Bluteau. This is probably only of interest to Montrealers or Canadian film buffs.
6. Pretended not to be able to speak English to escape a Jehovah's Witness on a street in Montreal. It didn't work.
7. Got a jellybean stuck up my nose. Give me a break, I was 9 years old and I was sniffing it to see what flavour it was.
8. Pretended to be my "visiting cousin" on the phone when trying to avoid a call from work asking me to do an extra shift. I was 16, and no, they didn't buy it.
9. Fell up an escalator at Cours Mont-Royal (a Montreal mall). I wasn't even drunk at the time and it really, really hurt.
10. Fell over the side of a banister and landed on top of a Christmas tree. I was drunk at the time.

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