Wednesday 23 February 2005

mum's first pictures

Here's some more pictures of our gorgeous son taken by his drugged up mummy.

Jack says: "If no ones going to play peek-a-boo with me, I'll play by myself."

Lisa says: "I'm not just a number, now get me the heck out of here!!!"

Lisa's spirits were certainly raised when I showed her the print out of all the kind messages everyone has left. Today they've needed lifting, last night was tough. The baby next to Lisa's bed screamed the whole night and continued most of the day. Jack on the other hand is such a happy and contented baby. Lisa has been out of bed today (although rather gingerly as you would expect) and has managed to get Jack out his cot and change him by herself. Not an insignificant feat when you've had major surgery just over 24hrs before. I had the honour of giving Jack his first bath. He was so happy and relaxed in the warm water he was almost asleep. He also passed his hearing test with flying colours. We have the perfect baby!

Tomorrow will Lisa's 7th day inside. We say, enough is enough! Free the Godmanchester 1 (and 1/2)! Write to your Prime Minister/President and join the campaign. Free Lisa and Jack now!

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