Thursday 17 February 2005

and back again

Okay so, apparently now I only have a small trace of protein even though the two previous samples (one taken only hours before) tested by the crappyassmidwife showed some sort of alarming amount both times. The midwife at the hospital (who was lovely, kind, and knowledgeable - and the antithesis to the crappyass one inflicted on me the past two days via my surgery) said that because we use the same sample container each time, they can get contaminated and it's likely giving a misreading. Got to love the NHS - they are so cheap, you have to reuse the same piddle pot your entire pregnancy. I kid you not. I got a new piddle pot today; I feel like I'm getting my tax money's worth. My blood pressure has indeed gone up, but she didn't seem panicked about it and said that I'll likely just be monitored closely.

We still need to get the final word from Mr. Lim tomorrow, who may still well suggest induction - but I get the impression that won't be a certainty in the very near future. Lovely midwife today said it's sometimes better to just let the pregnancy go merrily along and just keep an eye on the situation, so here's hoping I might get my hippydippy waterbirth yet. Until tomorrow...

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