Saturday 19 February 2005

show me the baby

Ok so I'm a virgin blogger, please be gentle with me. Lisa was taken in earlier today (Friday) to be induced. Initially we were given the option of going in Saturday; which would have allowed Lisa (and I) to get used to the idea. But unfortunately induction is a Mon - Fri thing so with one quick phone call, 24 hours notice was reduced to about 4. So she's now under the tender care of Hazel ward for the next day or so (and in a private room). Amazing what a few carefully distributed 10 pound notes can get you. It sounds so glamorous until you realize the curtains are 1/2 the size they should be, the window to the room faces a main corridor and the neighbors smoke!!!!!! Yes you heard me right.

So this is one tired soon to be father signing off, watch this space for the next exciting episode.

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