Thursday 11 August 2005

veggin' out

Tesco makes me hate food shopping. Actually, any major supermarket makes me want to run screaming these days. I used to loathe grocery shopping during the evenings and weekends because it was always so busy. Hurrah, I thought to myself. I can now go shopping during the day when it surely must be a lot quieter. I've come to the conclusion that every supermarket in my county is a mass meeting place for the Very Annoying and Idiotic. At 2.30pm on a Thursday afternoon, Tesco was absolutely heaving (and I purposely use the term "heaving") with people. No matter what section I go to, someone always stands in front of me as I'm just about to go for an item, and remain perfectly motionless until I shout out "EXCUSE ME!" and squeeze through the 2cm between their lifeless body and the shelf. People like to stop suddenly in front of me for no apparent reason or abandon their trolleys in the middle of the aisle as if they suddenly remembered that their houses are on fire. People stop to have a chat side by side, causing a traffic jam of small screaming children and confused old people.

The problem is, I am passionate about food and cooking, so grocery shopping should be a treat for me. Why is it that every other country in Europe still has markets, fish mongers, butchers, green grocers, and bakers while we're stuck with aisles upon aisles of plastic-wrapped hell? Granted, markets etc. do exist in this country and there are probably some excellent ones lurking somewhere, but they are far from the norm. I am fortunate enough to have a fantastic local butcher but for everything else, it's supermarket city. So in an attempt to get something both local and decent, I have signed up for an organic box scheme. Imagine my joy and delight when this was delivered to me today:

Every week, we will receive a beautiful box of local organic fruit and veg from The Cambridge Organic Food Company.

Feeling much better now, thanks.

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