Friday 26 August 2005

little drummer boy

I mentioned in my ultra-soppy 6 month birthday post that Jack likes to see if things rattle. Give him anything and he'll crease his little brow and shake the object several times. If it rattles, foot kicking and arm waving ensues. If it doesn't, it gets shaken periodically just to make sure. Along with this shaking experiment has also been the discovery that if you strike an object against a hard surface or another object, it makes an interesting loud noise. For example, Jack's dummy when struck upon the Winnie the Pooh musical lighty up thingy on the side of his cot makes a really loud bang. Incidentally, it's particularly loud at 6.00 in the morning and gets progressively louder as the banging continues. Also, whenever Jack sits near a table, he slaps his hand on the surface in a "Where's! My! Food!" kind of rhythm.

Lord help me if he ever figures out how to get into the pots and pans cupboard.

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