Saturday 13 August 2005

that bites

Before I start my usual ramblings, here's a picture of Jack having a jolly ol' time at our company's summer party last week:

Jack's now built up a large repertoire of veg, so I can now actually make him something more interesting than peas that have been whipped within an inch of its life with my Braun hand blender. His first exciting foray into a proper meal was a hearty bowl of vegetable soup (whipped within two inches of its life). Tomorrow: risotto. Oooh aaaah.

On a more serious note, an "acquaintance" of ours follows a raw food diet and has been feeding her daughter raw food only. Let me clarify this for those who may be confused (I know I certainly was the first time I heard about this type of diet) - she only eats raw, vegan food. No meat, no dairy, nothing cooked or even slightly heated. Her daughter has just turned one and apparently she's only been fed raw food (and breast milk). How on earth can a child (and a very young one at that) survive on raw fruits and vegetables? It's one thing to follow a diet in which you can ensure a child gets all the essential nutrients (e.g. Kosher or vegetarian), but to inflict an extreme diet like this on your child seems selfish to me. You chose this lifestyle; your child is incapable of making this decision herself. Words fail me.

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