Tuesday 16 August 2005


So I had a cup of coffee recently for the first time in at least ten years. I met Heather and Becca at Starbucks and I had a hankering for a cafe latte. And it was good. Feeling a new enthusiasm for the bean, I bought some coffee yesterday and whipped up a cafe latte at home. I think I may have gone a touch overboard with the coffee or the brand I bought has added crack in it, because at 1.00 this morning, I was wide awake and could hear my own heart beating. I slept sporadically, waking throughout the early morning from various bad dreams. Even now, hours later, if you jumped out from behind the door and shouted "BOO!", my heart would very likely burst out of my chest like a baby alien.

Note to self: three scoops per small Bodum could kill me. Less coffee, more milk next time. Or decaf. Or go back to tea. Ow, my head.

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