Tuesday 9 August 2005

happy days

This afternoon we headed into Cambridge to Glaze to Amaze, a place where you can paint various ceramics yourself and then they will glaze and fire them for you. We needed presents for Jack's "godparents" for his naming ceremony, so we set out to put Jack's footprints on something. We made a mug for his "godfather" and a tile for his "godmother" and to be honest, I was quite happy to sit there and paint for the afternoon. I started a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree way back when (before I switched to the ever-useful BA in English Literature) and I haven't done anything remotely artistic in ages. With a sponge in hand, I merrily dabbed paint in a decorative manner and carefully placed the text around the designs (I'm better with text than illustration, which is why I was in graphic design eons ago). I can't wait to go back to do some more for Christmas. Truly, I am one step away from gluing macaroni to paper plates and enjoying it.

Jack's journey into the world of solid foods continues to go well. So far, everything has been met with smiles and open mouth except for apples (I think they're too acidic) and regular peas (petite pois are fine, though). I'm slowly getting smarter about this baby food thing, like realising that there's no point in buying special baby porridge when I've got organic rolled oats in the house. I blitzed the oats up in a food chopper, cooked them, then blitzed it up again, and Jack thought it was fabulous. Now I've got a bazillion little ice cube-sized portions of various purees in the freezer, and a long list of things he's eaten so I can throw the ingredients together to make him something more interesting.

Tomorrow we're off to our company's summer party at our Chalfont office, where several of my female workmates have threatened to kidnap Jack. I'm checking your pockets and bags before you leave, ladies! Anything wriggling and smelling like Johnson's baby wash is going to be confiscated.

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