Friday 26 August 2005


So I made an exciting discovery at Tesco today: organic, no sugar added fruity yoghurts by a company called Mums 4. "Whoopie", I hear you all say. The reason why I am excited by this product is due to the fact that I've found very few pre-packaged baby foods that don't contain added sugar and are organic. Granted, I almost always make Jack's food myself but there are times when I need something ready made (like when we're out and about). The smallest pots of plain yoghurt I can find are still a bit too large for Jack's meals, so I tend to use about 2/3 of the pot between two meals and chuck the rest because you can't keep open yoghurts hanging around for long. The Mum 4 pots are the perfect size and most importantly, Jack loves them. We give them four thumbs up (two large, two small).

I never used to care that much about the food I ate, just as long as it tasted good. Now that I have a baby to feed, I am far more concerned about what's in our food and where it comes from. Maybe this has something to do with failing at breastfeeding and wanting to make up for it somehow, but it also has a lot to do with being fed up with the junk food marketed at children - and my love of good food. It makes me smile when Jack gobbles down a bowlful of vegetable risotto, lentils or minestrone made with homemade chicken stock, or ratatouille. I love knowing that I can feed him well, and that he seems to be enjoying it. I cannot wait until he's old enough to learn about cooking, and join in when we make our meals.

I honestly don't expect Jack to eat nothing but sugar free organic food for the rest of his life (nor will I throw a hissy fit at other mothers if he happens to down an entire pack of Cheezy Wotsits at a children's birthday party, for example) but I do want to ensure that his first foods are the healthiest possible. Hopefully it will help counteract the pizza and beer years that will come when he leaves home.

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