Friday 19 August 2005

other mothers

Kristin went in to be induced yesterday, so please send her lots of happy labour vibes. When I hear the word "induction", my heart sinks slightly. My first thought is usually "Is it necessary?" and then "I hope it doesn't end in a c-section". It's so difficult for me to be objective about inductions because of my experience, but obviously they all don't end up pear-shaped. Still, I worry and I hope none of my friends (virtual or otherwise) ever have to endure a bad birth experience.

Funny how motherhood makes you feel so strongly about...well...pretty much everything. I've never been so opinionated in my life, nor have I ever been so willing to inflict my opinions on others. Again, this is very likely why I never attend mother/baby groups. I'm either worried about how someone else is going to perceive something I'm doing, or I find myself blurting out unsolicited baby advice. I tend to do this about food and dieting too, so maybe I'm just opinionated in general. I really should practice the art of nodding and smiling.

Mom and Dad have arrived safely, and have bestowed huge amounts of attention and presents on their grandson. Hopefully the weather will be kind for our family BBQ tomorrow and the naming ceremony on Sunday. If I'm not back here by Monday, it means I've eaten my weight in cakes and scones and I'm lying under a table at the hotel.

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