Thursday 18 August 2005

family affair

My Mom and Dad have landed at Heathrow, undoubtedly with a suitcase full of presents for Jack. There was an email from British Airways in my inbox this morning suggesting that due to "recent issues" (i.e. sacking 600 catering employees), passengers should either eat before their flights or they may be able to receive some food at the gate before boarding. Personally, I'd bring my own picnic with me (do they allow you to bring food on flights?) and enjoy an airline meal-free flight. The flight over here was an overnight one for Mom and Dad, so they likely wouldn't have eaten anyway. Hopefully the baggage handlers haven't gone on strike again or else Jack's suitcase of pressies will sit at the airport for a good long while. At least planes are actually landing and flying today.

We're having Jack's naming ceremony on Sunday. For those of you not in the know, this is like a non-denominational christening for unwashed heathens like us. We felt it would be hypocritical (and offensive to those who attend the church) to go to a church and make promises about Jack's religious upbringing, when neither one of us is religious. Although christenings are "the thing to do", I don't see a point in them if you don't hold any religious beliefs. Luckily for us, the modern world has brought us naming ceremonies. It's led by someone from the registry office (like our wedding). We will make promises to Jack, explain how we came up with his name, do some readings (a Celtic blessing and another poem about children), name his "supporting adults" (Godparents) and they will make promises to Jack, we sign things while my fabulously lovely friend Heather plays "Summertime" on the violin, and then we scamper off to stuff our faces with cake, scones, and sandwiches for an afternoon tea. Around 40 people are coming, and thankfully this time, I don't have to worry about my corset digging into my baby bump.

Think sunny thoughts for us, please.

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