Monday 1 August 2005

day 67

So, Orlaith "Look At My Boobies" is gone and has been replaced by Kinga. One question: why? There are two weeks to go, she is never going to win it, and she is unbearable to watch. She makes you plead "Keep it on! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE KEEP IT ON!" We all breathed a sigh of relief when Makosi chose not to bring Kinga into the house a few weeks ago, and then we let out a collective gasp of horror when we saw her in the diary room about to enter the house last night. Oh, the humanity.

A lot of Big Brother is making me cringe and turn away from the television like I'm witnessing a really bad first date. In the outside world, Craig would be drugging Anthony and keeping him in a secret room in his basement. Instead, we are forced to witness the poor lad endure daily maulings by a deranged hairdresser (who surely must be making the gay community cringe as well). Derek is becoming cattier by the day which might have been entertaining, but sadly he is also becoming more boring. As more housemates are evicted, he may have to resort to bitching about the garden the other garden gnomes. Eugene is so painfully geeky that he makes Bill Gates look like Samuel L Jackson. Makosi's weave is turning into a demented tribble and her "look at me, I'm going to pretend to cry now" act has become tiresome.

But will I stop watching it? Goodness no. How else will I feel superior about my own life if I can't mock those on reality TV?

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