Sunday 10 July 2005

work it out

During pregnancy, I decided that I wouldn't watch what I ate. If I wanted a roast dinner, then we'd have one. If I wanted Nutella on homemade banana bread, then I'd snarf down a slice with tea. I'm not really a huge fan of junk food (although I did go through my Burger King phase), but I am a fan of good food...and lots of it. So, like the hungry caterpillar, I ate my way through pregnancy and beyond. Recently, I got to the point where I knew the fun had to end. It's a bit like when you visit the States and you eat those big American portions of everything with extreme glee (and with a side of fries), but after about five days, you just really want a salad. These are my salad days.

Paul and I have been eating healthily for the past two weeks, and we both feel so much better for it. We're joining our local leisure centre, which is not only a billion times nicer than my former gym, it's staffed by far friendlier people - and it's cheaper! For £57 a month, both of us can use all the facilities and attend any of the classes, plus the creche (daycare) is included. I really like the idea of working out during the day when it's not as busy and I can get some Lisa time while Jack gets looked after by the day nursery. I finally feel ready to start exercising again. I felt very fragile after the c-section and even after most of the pain subsided, I still wasn't confident about working out. Doing the Race for Life walk built up my confidence, and I'm not as afraid of splitting in two if I try to lift a dumbbell.

And on a totally unrelated tangent, here are some pictures. Jack as Mother Teresa:

It's a baby eat dog world:

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