Thursday 14 July 2005

more milestones

I've been wondering if Jack's ready for solids. I think the answer is yes:

Jack had his first solid meal today, and it went down a treat. He's been guzzling his milk down and crying for more, so I thought it was time to introduce Jack to the exciting world of baby rice. It's the second time he's tasted it, but this was the first time he ate a substantial amount. The books said that babies may only take half a teaspoon to a teaspoon at first, and not to force the food into his mouth. Fair enough, I thought. Jack had a taste, and like the first time, it sat on his tongue. The second spoon got a bigger reaction with lots of lip smacking and a huge grin. By the third or fourth spoonful, he opened his mouth eagerly as soon as he saw the spoon coming and moved his head forward to get to it more quickly. Eventually, he grabbed the spoon out of my hand and shoved it into his mouth himself. Half a teaspoon to a teaspoon? Try over a tablespoon, plus a 7oz bottle of formula.

I always said that I would take cues from Jack to see when he was ready to wean. Grabbing food out of my hand and getting really grumpy when the bowl was empty are fairly clear signs, I'd say. Considering his genes, I'm expecting to find him in the fridge at midnight eating leftovers directly out of their containers.

Second milestone this week: Jack found his toes!

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