Monday 25 July 2005

gym dandy

Things I have learned from today's gym session:
  • Gwen Stefani is very inspirational when you're working out. Not only is "Hollaback Girl" suitable for setting a good pace on the elliptical machine, it's also helpful to visualise your head on Gwen's body as an incentive to keep going.
  • The afternoon tv version of the Eminem video "Ass Like That" includes the lyrics "it makes my slinky go be-doing-doing-doing" instead of "it makes my pee pee go..." I never knew that the word "pee pee" would be considered too rude for daytime tv.

What can I say - it was either the music video channel or daytime chat shows. I opted for the former because it didn't make me feel queasy, as Denise van Outen is wont to do.

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