Saturday 9 July 2005

deep thoughts

I know you were all wondering what happened at today's optician appointment, so here's the scoop. Mr. Rudeman only has a BSc so he is not a doctor, but Miss F from today has a PhD and was far nicer. Not that having a PhD makes you nicer as a rule (although I do know some lovely people who have a PhD), she was simply much more personable and thorough than Mr. Leave Your Baby At The Door. I am getting some fancypants contact lenses that sound incredibly expensive, but they are exactly the same price as the Specsavers brand contacts I've been wearing. Apparently these new lenses slowly release moisturizers to keep your eyes lubricated, allow more oxygen to flow to the eye, and make you look 15lbs. thinner. Fantastic.

After being fitted for my contacts, I did a bit of grocery shopping at Sainsburys. As I only had a few items in my basket, I used the self serve checkout. I scanned in my yoghurt and an electronic voice said something to the effect of "unknown item in bagging area" and wouldn't let me proceed. There is always an employee in the self serve checkout area to help in cases like this, so I indicated to her that I needed help. She stomped over to me in a huff and said, "What did you do?!" As I tried to explain what happened, she furiously poked some code on the screen and stormed off again. "Thank you, you miserable cow" I said (not too quietly, I might add.) Then a dear old lady on another till said "Could you help me please?", to which the nasty Sainsburys lady snapped "I've already helped you!" and went off in a flurry. I started to head out the door in a "cripes, that pissed me off but I won't say anything" Canadian kind of way, but I thought sod it. Everyone thinks I'm American anyway, so I might as well act like one and complain for once. I told the manager that this woman was being incredibly rude, and the manager was very kind and sympathetic. Whether or not anything was actually done about it will remain a mystery, but I felt much better for having said something. Hear me roar.

Now I'm going to make a curry. No one can accuse me of having no life, oh no.

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