Monday 11 July 2005

feed me, seymour

At 20 weeks, Jack reached another milestone today - his first taste of baby rice. He's been showing an interest in eating lately (or what I interpret to be an interest) and I was curious to see if he's ready for solids yet. As per all the NHS literature my health visitor brought for me, I put a tiny amount of complementary organic baby rice (also courtesy of my health visitor) thinned out with formula on the tip of my finger and let Jack have a taste. It sat on his tongue while he grinned at me and waved his arms around. "Are you actually going to eat that?" I asked, as he continued to smile and wave at me. After a minute or two the rice disappeared, but I wasn't entirely convinced that he was even aware that it was in his mouth. He's had toys, blankets, and dog hairs in there before; a miniscule amount of watery baby rice probably didn't seem out of the ordinary. I took a bit more rice and fed it to him, and a tiny frown creased his brow. Then a massive grin, lots of tongue-clucking, and hand-slapping on the table. I think he liked it.

I don't know if I'll continue to wean at this point or wait and see if he'll be happy to continue with bottle only. I'm leaning more towards the latter because he's not really showing the "classic" signs of wanting solids yet. Although he's been very interested in watching me eat and stuffing everything he can into his mouth, he actually seems less hungry lately. He gets through about half of his bottle, then he turns his head away to look around and just chews on the teat. He usually has five 7oz bottles in 24 hours, but lately every other feed has only been half a bottle. Maybe he's getting bored of the same menu, day in day out. Jumbalya probably looks a heck of a lot more interesting than white fluid out of a plastic bottle.

In other news, all my blood tests came back fine so I'm just an overtired, bloated mama. I've started taking dandelion root capsules for the fluid retention and evening primrose oil to sort out my wonky cycles. And I've decided that our scale is a lying sack of meconium and I'm not speaking to it at the moment.

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