Friday 29 July 2005

livin' on the edge

My friend Melanie very kindly gave me her mother's delicious cheesecake recipe. It's my belief that the best cheesecake is made by Jewish mothers - unfortunately, I can only fufill half of these requirements. Does going to a predominantly Jewish university and working in a Kosher restaurant count? At any rate, not only am I attempting this coveted recipe, I am doing something completely diabolical: I'm trying to make a low fat version. In place of the curd cheese and cream cheese, I'm using Quark (not the dude with the big ears from Deep Space 9, thank you very much). In place of the sugar, I'm using Splenda. In place of the graham cracker/digestive biscuit crust, I made up my own concoction of oats, wholemeal flour, margarine, almonds, cinnamon, and Splenda.

I will be truly amazed if it cooks properly. I will be even more amazed if it tastes good. I shall keep you posted.

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