Friday 8 July 2005

back to your regularly scheduled programme

I am so pleased with this year's series of Big Brother. The people behind it have gotten very clever this time round; despite hating every single housemate at first, I'm hooked. I've had several requests to give my views on Big Brother again after my initial post about it at the beginning of the series. Well, maybe not several. It was closer to one. And it wasn't really a request to write about it again, it was more like an observation that I hadn't done so. Where was I? Oh yes, introducing my much-requested Big Brother ponderings.

Anthony - Hon, you're gay, admit it. It's okay; we'll still find you just as boring as we did when we thought you were straight. There's something rather Gollum-esque about the way he always refers to himself as "us", which is both funny and disturbing at the same time.
Craig - There's bitchy funny and there's bitchy pathetic, and Craig is the latter, sadly. You've got to do it in a *snap snap snap* your fingers in a Z-pattern kinda way. When it's bitching followed by sobbing and "nobody understands me" tirades, it's not pretty.
Derek - Sometimes I think he's really funny (e.g. saying to Kemal "You are the most annoying boy in England!") and other times I think he relishes being gossipy and nasty a bit too much. There is something rather endearing about a guy who wears an ascot every day.
Eugene - He's no Jon Tickle, but he's sort of growing on me - except when he speaks. Then I want to reach through the television and stuff several tube socks in his mouth.
Kemal - He really is the most annoying boy in England.
Makosi - Okay, here's the deal. If you're supposed to be a trained nurse, you should probably know that a) if you sprain an ankle, amputation of the entire leg is not too likely and b) you cannot take a pregnancy test the day after you have unprotected sex. I initially thought that she was very clever and played the game well, but this appearance may have just been a fluke. Her actions lately (telling others that she's "90% sure" she's pregnant two days after the deed and completely ruining Eugene's secret task) have shown her to be a nurse of little brain.
Maxwell - Enough. With. The. Catchphrases.
Orlaith - There are way too many letters in her name that don't get pronounced, but that's beside the point. She's Sam revisited, and has nothing much to offer.
Science - Most times he's unwatchable (and completely incomprehensible), but he's come out with some of the best lines. We never knew that you had to remove the chicken's "butt" before cooking it before we met Science. He's verrrry strange.
Vanessa - Words cannot do her justice. You must find an audio file of her to believe it. Often seen with her mouth half open and seldom blinks. Please vote her out next week. Please.

So who will go tonight? Science, without a doubt. The public likes Maxwell again after the "end of" Saskia. I forsee an incomprehensible exit interview - poor Davina.

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