Saturday 23 July 2005

hand me downs bring me down

This morning, I went through all of my maternity clothes and put aside a large pile for Paul's cousin. She's due February 26, a mere 3 days after my due date this year, so my various sizes of seasonal maternity wear should work for her. There were several items that, sadly, I was still wearing up until very recently. Others I hadn't looked at for months, and it made me rather sad and nostalgic. I bought most of my clothes while we were on honeymoon in California, so that got me thinking about our time there. I found the support bras I had to wear to bed almost from the moment I got pregnant, which got me thinking about my early pregnancy days. There was the red and gold filmy blouse I wore at Christmas, the tops and jeans emergency purchase we made at Sears when American Airlines lost my luggage in San Francisco, the hundreds of breast pads I didn't get around to using up because I was unsuccessful at breastfeeding, and my top with the boy symbol on it that made people smile when they "got" it.

At least, unlike my wedding gown, I know that I can wear these clothes again one day - it just feels a bit weird to pass them along. I'm not really sure why this is making me get so sentimental and soppy. I really, really (really) don't want to be pregnant again at the moment, but I truly miss it. I wonder, is this Mother Nature's way of compelling us to go through the whole thing again one day?

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