Tuesday 19 July 2005


Spotted chez elle:

10 years ago
I was 9 years old, and I got a pink bicycle for my birthday! Okay, I was 26 and I was working at the McGill University bookstore. It was the first salaried job I had, and it was the first and last time I was a member of a union (and a really crappy one, at that). I thought I was making shedloads of money and finally felt like I had a grown up job. Sadly, that year McGill had several job cuts and as a contractor, I was sent to the chopping block. It took me almost a year of diligent job hunting to find another job, and the best I could do was a receptionist job through a temp agency. That same year, I got my first job as a technical writer, doing a contract for a flight simulator company. The first time I ran the simulator, I managed to crash the plane on the runway. Oops.

5 years ago
It was an incredibly eventful year. I quit smoking on my 31st birthday, I had a blast in a dragon boat race that summer (we beat Bell Telephone and the casino! Woooooo!!), and most significantly, I moved to the UK.

1 year ago
I was 9 weeks pregnant, planning a wedding, and we had just come out of the pregnancy closet to our family the week before. I didn't have heartburn yet.

I worked out at the gym, went shopping in the afternoon and bought Jack a new stroller, and made a yummy supper of grilled scallops and prawns with a tomato/basil sauce on wholemeal spaghetti, served with braised fennel. That's right: gym, shopping, and cooking. I am a domestic goddess.

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