Sunday 3 July 2005

for grandma

Caroline, her daughter Phoebe and I did the Race for Life today, as shown by this photographic evidence:

Although I thought we were going at a decent pace, we almost managed to come in last. Go us!

Most importantly, I raised £588.42 for Cancer Research UK (including the money matched by my employers). Thank you so much for donating; you're all amazing and I am grateful for your generosity. My goal for next year is to run (or jog, or something resembling a trot of some sort) the 5k. This year however, I am more than pleased to have managed this walk, even at our slow pace. After feeling very physically fragile for the past 4 1/2 months, it's very satisfying to have completed this race unscathed.

I'm pretty sure I burned off last night's tiramisu and maple syrup cheesecake.

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