Thursday 24 June 2004


Day four hint: February 23

My favourite South African, Mr. Adrian Sevitz, has been kind enough to provide us with his version of "Pass the butter, please". Click here to launch this scintillating audio file. Conclusion: South Africans don't sound quite as cowboy-esque when imitating an American accent, but they are equally amusing. Now I know for a fact that certain individuals are playing this game at home but are too chicken to send me an audio file, even though they have discovered the unending hilarity that is "pass the butter, please". Please, don't be shy. We're all friends here and we promise that we are laughing with you. You can remain anonymous if you prefer, although when Hollywood comes looking for an English person to star in the next big blockbuster cowboy film, they won't know who you are. The choice is yours.

Similarly, any non-English people wishing to record themselves attempting to be English would be most welcome. For this exercise, use a phrase of your choice. For example, "This parrot is bleeding demised", "Cor blimey, Mary Poppins", or "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain" would do nicely. I thank you.

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