Saturday 5 June 2004

i feel like chicken tonight

The ovulation prediction kit has been rather cool - I like new gadgets. It does seem to work well with taking my temp every morning, and has given me a better idea of how my cycle works. There's something slightly comforting in getting advance warning; a positive means go for it and you've got two days to do it. Otherwise, you're guessing and wondering if you're too early or too late.

This has also turned out to be entertaining for my beloved fiancee. Since hearing the news that ovulation will occur in the near future, he has been making chicken noises at me periodically. Eggs...hatching...get it? So, he brrrrrrock bock bock bock bock bock bock bock bocks at me and asks me if I'm incubating. So glad that he can make light of this - seriously. This has the potential of turning into a stressful chore, making him resentful. Instead, he's been keeping both of us giggling with his barnyard impressions. This, along with the "just keep swimming, swimming, swimming" song ("Finding Nemo" reference) has made things far more fun.

I can't wait to see what he comes up with once I'm actually pregnant. If he mentions Alien, I'll throw something hard at him, though.

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