Tuesday 22 June 2004


I went to the osteopath today and he asked how I was doing, with that gleeful glint in his eye. I told him that I'm 5 weeks pregnant and he clapped his hands together with joy. I'm telling you, people are going to get suspicious.

My evil triplet (I used to be evil twins with Gary, but we now have a new addition) Tosha is 10 weeks pregnant! How spooky is that? We seem to be in synch a lot of times, but this takes the cake. Mmmmm cake. Where was I? Right, yes, Tosha's due one month before me. How very cool! I really wanted to share my news with her, but it's too early and more importantly, I don't want to steal her limelight. She's going to make the news "public" in a couple of days and she should bask in the attention from her colleagues! Um, that's assuming engineers are capable of noticing stuff like this and actually care about it. At any rate, it'll be really nice to have a pregnancy buddy so close by.

I've kept most of the moodiness at bay, although I find I get irritated very easily and my face has erupted in pre-teen zits. I'm one step away from slamming my bedroom door, shouting "You don't understand! I hate you!", and playing AC/DC really loudly for the next 8 months.

Am I glowing yet?

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