Thursday 10 June 2004


We got a new coffee machine at work recently. It's the most civilised coffee maker I've ever encountered. It has a display that says "please" a lot and when it's done making your coffee, it cheerfully tells you to "enjoy your drink". I don't drink coffee, so I continue do deal with an incredibly rude kettle who never wishes me a joyful beverage experience and gives me three inches of limescale with each cup of tea. It even scalded me once; it's a very unhelpful appliance. It was great fun watching people trying to figure out this new machine first thing in the morning. Being put off by the very "American" chattiness of the display and trying to figure out which coffee to drink (the names of all the varieties have changed), there were a lot of grumpy and perplexed engineers in the kitchen.

I love the smell of coffee and chaos in the morning.

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