Tuesday 29 June 2004

moving pictures

It's time for the Cambridge Film Festival, and for the first time in the four years that I've lived here, I'm actually going to see a film at the festival. Go me! Heather suggested that we catch a flick together (leaving the boys at home to babysit and dogsit), and I'm really looking forward to it. So strange to think that I used to attend every festival that swung into town when I lived in Montreal - and believe me, that's a lot of festivals. There's sort of a running joke about Montreal having festivals for everything (for example, restaurants in touristy areas are forever having a "festival des fruits de mer" or some such thing), but it was fantastic to live in a city with so much going on. I loved going to the (please forgive my spelling, I am but a poor Anglo) Festival de Theatre des Ameriques, the Festival du Nouvelle Danse, the Fringe Fest, Jazz Fest, and of course the Montreal International Film Festival. Since I moved here, I've seen one play, saw the Fast Show live, danced the night away at a Lemon Jelly concert, sang along to Billy Bragg at the Folk Fest, and attended a film screening presented by Robert Lepage. I have so much catching up to do.

We plan on seeing the film "Clean", which happens to be Canadian. I'm also quite keen on seeing the new Jim Jarmusch film "Coffee and Cigarettes", but sadly have to miss out on the new Robert Lepage film "Far Side of the Moon". There is another Canadian film on that is about, of all things, snow. And it's based on a Farley Mowat novel. No, really. As Heather said, it's like a NZ film about sheep.

In addition to this cinematic feast of cultural enlightenment, I also really want to see "Shrek 2". Hee hee. Donkey.

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