Monday 7 June 2004

and may i just add...

Need to vent. Sorry, but if I don't get it out somehow, I'll just end up in a book depository in Dallas. Where was I? Oh, yes. Venting.

Why is it that there are approximately one bajillion signs that you're fertile, but there is no real way of knowing that you're pregnant until your period is late? If you want to time conception right, you can use ovulation prediction kits, take your temperatures and go by previous cycle patterns, and you can check the position of your cervix and anything it may be secreting at the moment. Grand. Post ovulation, you're on your own, sister. You may not have any pregnancy symptoms (it seems most don't happen until weeks after fertilization, anyway), you can't do a pregnancy test until your period is late, and all those "symptoms" you've been experiencing are the same ones you feel every month during PMT. So basically, all the experts say wait until your period is late. Well duh. Pffft.

Hate the two week wait. Going to eat chocolate now.

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