Tuesday 1 June 2004

wrong in so many ways

Okay, I won't keep making jokes about the various things people do to improve their chances of conception. I understand that some people are willing to try anything when they're desperate for a child. I can respect that.

I cannot, however, stand by and let people do horrible things with green tea. Apparently it increases fertile cervical mucus, but the things some Westerners are doing with it are horrifying. They suggest adding things like honey, milk, and sugar to it! Some of them drink it iced with lemon and sugar! No, no, no, no, no - this is so very wrong. Please, I beg you, find a good quality green tea and drink it as intended: in a lovely china cup, with nothing added but hot water. You can try genmai cha, which is a bit more palatable to Westerners. We used to call it "popcorn tea" as kids, and it's very tasty. Just please, please stop adding things to your green tea. Please.

I thank you.

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