Tuesday 22 June 2004

mrs. peacock, in the conservatory, with the rope

Day two hint: Five (no, not the boy band)

Here's something fun to try if you're North American and know someone who's British. For some reason, English people sound like cowboy movie rejects whenever they try to do American accents. Thanks to my friend Jen, I discovered that a fun phrase to get English people to say is "Pass the butter, please" in their best American accent. Go on, give it a try!

If you're very bored and English (not that the two are usually synonymous), why not record an audio file of yourself saying "Pass the butter, please" in an American accent, and send it to me at: broad[at]wittydomainname.com? Record youself even if you're not English or North American - it'll be a fun experiment to see if you sound like a cowboy too. If I get any, I'll post them here. Go on!

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