Thursday 22 April 2004

steal THIS, mate

I think I've finally sorted out a way to stop bandwidth thieving twonks from hotlinking to my site (the latest one being some feckwit on Ebay who used an image from my California pics as their logo). Hotlinking is the act of being a complete arsehole and not knowing how to right-click and save an image to your own server, and linking directly to the image, mostly because you have the IQ of a TicTac. For example, you see an amusing image of my mate Jack on this site shoving a huge hook through his ear and think, "Wow. I'd really like to display this picture on my site." Instead of right-clicking the image and saving it to your PC and uploading it to the server hosting, you merely hotlink to the image on my site by including a link like this in your HTML code: img src="". This displays the image on your site using my bandwidth, thus making you a rat bastard.

Please bear with me as I move my image files and recreate links. There might be a lot of red Xs about until it gets sorted, but at least I'll stop losing (and paying for) this extra bandwidth.

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